Grieving for Paris, Rumoroy asks not to forget Palestine

Grieving for Paris, Rumoroy asks not to forget Palestine Inggris Kotamobagu
Kadir Rumoroy

KOTAMOBAGU, Indonesia – The terror that happened in Paris, France several weeks ago, made a lot of people grief. One of them is the Chairman of DPD PKS Kotamobagu, Kadir Rumoroy.

He is very sad for the terrible shooting and bombing in Paris. Nevertheless, he is deeply in pain remembering the same thing happens too in the Middle East.

“I’m deeply in pain thinking that everyday Palestine and Suriah suffers the same thing, but the press didn’t publish it,” Rumoroy says while talking with on Tuesday (17/11) in his office.

What happened in Palestine, said him, is a suppresion supported by the western world whom adores Human Rights.

“What happened in Palestine was the humanity tragic which held for almost a half century,” told him.

He hopes that everyone are fully endeavor to prevent such terror. He also curses brutal terror that claims so many civilian victims.

“The terror that happened in Paris is a human tragedy. But do not forget Palestine, Suriah, Rohingya, Chechnya, Uighur which lack of publishment until now,” Rumoroy said.



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